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This web site has been designed to help you with most common questions about wedding
flowers and colors.

1. What colors would you like to have in your wedding?
What is your favorite color? What season is your wedding in?
Are they’re any other colors you want to include in your wedding?
The answers to these questions will help you choose the color of your
Bridesmaid dresses which will be the anchor color for your wedding..

2. What flowers come in what season?
In today’s worldwide flower market, most flowers are available year round.
There are a few exceptions. Some bulbs, like daffodil and Iris are only available in
early spring. Peony has sporadic availability according to mother nature.
Tulips and Hyacinth are generally not available in the warmer months of June-August.
See our section on Flowers By Season or check with an experienced floral designer
to determine what flowers are best for your wedding.

3. If a flower is out of season, is it going to cost more?
The magic answer to that question is a simple ‘No.’. Most flower costs remain
the same year round. Some flowers, like Peony will vary on cost as the market makes
them available. Lily of the Valley is not easy to obtain and therefor they are more
expensive. Roses are more costly in January and February, other than that
availability has no real bearing on the cost. Supply and demand are a larger factor.

4. What color flowers are going to look best with the color of your bridesmaid
That is what our web site will help you with. You can go to our Play with Colors
Section and try on our bouquets with our bridal gowns and different bridesmaid
dresses. This should help answer this question.

5. How can I see what my flowers are going to look like with my dress colors?
Bingo, that is what we have made this site for. We hope you have fun playing with the bouquet
colors and dress colors we have provided for you here. Just
Click on the Play with color button….




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