What Is Your Wedding Style?

Your wedding style should fit your personality and reflect on you as a couple. What have you always dreamed of? Are you traditional or are you modern? Do you like bold color or soft romantic tones? Share your wedding colors with us. We want to see what you choose to do. Have questions on what color will best suit your wedding? Check out our ‘Play With Color’ link. Happy Planning.

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Wedding ‘Day Of’ Coordination by Ruth Spirer

I found this article by Dallas event planner Ruth Spirer and wanted to share it. I think that has always been so much confusion over this topic. It can be confusing, and should really be called ‘Month Of’ coordination because that is what it truly is.


Sil Azevedo Photography

You have been engaged for some time and have been working diligently on planning your wedding. You have hired all the vendors, signed the contracts and made most of the planning decisions. Now, how do you put it all together?

At this point you may want to consider a professional to handle the logistics on the day of your wedding and to ensure you a totally stress-free wedding day.

Contrary to popular belief, a “Day of” coordinator does not just show up on the day of and magically manages everything. A professional planner actually enters into the wedding planning during the final month of preparation or even 6-8 weeks before the wedding, so they can understand your overall vision, review your vendor contracts, create timelines and confirm all vendor commitments.

You may get a price quote that may seem very attractive, but beware of anyone who says they can handle the “Day of” only. Any reputable professional will agree that there is no way to understand your vision in a few quick meetings. It also doesn’t make sense for a planner to show up on the wedding day and be expected to run the show without knowing a lot of the details and without preparing for it.

All the “meticulous research” in the world won’t be able to help you deal with the inevitable issues that occur the day of the event and more importantly, make the right choices in the planning stages. Every piece of the puzzle must fit together and there is only one chance to make it right.

The same way you use an accountant to prepare your taxes or work with a lawyer to prepare contracts, you use a trained wedding planner to help you with your wedding.
On average, a planner may work 30-40 hours before the week of the wedding arrives. This would include answering questions, creating the timeline, final meetings with the venue and the vendors, reviewing floor-plans, coordination of deliveries, set-up, break down, confirming final payments, going over every little detail to ensure nothing has been overlooked.

The professional planner will schedule all that needs to happen on the wedding day including pre-wedding/post-wedding formal pictures. They will let everyone know where to be and at what time including ushers and wedding party. The more preparation is done before and the more is anticipated and taken into consideration before the wedding day, the better and smoother the day will flow.

More and more vendors (photographers, videographers, caterers etc.) are encouraging brides to hire a professional planner and some vendors even offer brides a discount if they do have a planner. This is because without a wedding planner, these vendors end up doing more than they were hired for and often need to resolve a last-minute problem that came up on the wedding day, which has nothing to do with the services these vendors offer. They would much rather be able to focus on doing what you hired them to do, because they are good at what they do! Your planner will take care of the smallest details and will work alongside all your vendors as a team to make your wedding a memorable event!

Be a guest at your own wedding and hire a professional to handle the logistics leading up to your wedding day and on the actual day itself.
Give yourself the gift of relaxation and enjoyment on your special day!
You deserve it!
Ruth Spirer

Marty Perlman Photography

Jennifer Lipshy Photograpy

Amy Herfurth Photography

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Exclusive Interview with Thomas Bui Event Stylist and Lifestyle Expert

Exclusive Interview with Thomas But Event Stylist and Lifestyle Expert

I am very excited to have the opportunity to interview Thomas Bui. I have been an admirer of Thomas for years. He is an famous west coast event designer and lifestyle personality. The quality of his amazing work speaks for itself. I hope you enjoy this read. I included a link to his web site at the end of this article.
pamm meyers

Thomas, who has been the most influential person in your life? Can you tell us something about them?

My parents, Dr. Tien & Yen Bui, were born and raised in Vietnam, my family immigrated to the United States when I was 7 yrs. old. It was April 29, 1975, the last day of freedom before the communist took over Vietnam. My family is originally from Hanoi, Northern Vietnam then moved to the Saigon where I was born and raised.
My grandmother the matriarch of the family was a widow most of her life and raised 4 girls by herself. My mom, the baby of the family was only 2 yrs. when my grandfather was murdered due to his political affiliations. My grandmother was always a business-minded person and was CFO (chief financial officer) of her cement business company back in Vietnam.
My dad was the minister of public health and my mom studied culinary/pastry at Cordon Bleu in France. Since Vietnam used to be a French Colony, we all spoke French as our 1st language and all the schooling was taught in French, while Vietnamese was taught at home.
After escaping Vietnam my family (extended family included, there were 100 of us) lived on a boat with thousands of other people fleeing Vietnam for a better life. It took many months before coming to America, and it was a struggle since they didn’t speak English and worked minimum wage to survive. For years we all lived in the same house to save money while learning the American way of life. Everyone worked 2 jobs until we established a better foundation.
My dad went back to Pharmacy School at 50 years old in Alabama, while my mom was working and taking care of my brother and me in San Diego. She was the breadwinner during this time frame, working full-time, schooling us kids, baking goods to sell to make extra money, while paying for my dad’s tuition.
These days my parents are enjoying their success and comfortable lifestyle after years of financial hardship. This October my parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

What has been your biggest career challenge?
There’s always challenges with any career, there’s really no perfect job in any field, but I would say we have it pretty nice in the wedding business with all the parties, outings, wine and dine events and meeting new people.
At 1st getting started was a challenge, balancing a job during the day, returning calls and taking care of clients needs during breaks. Just not enough hours in the day to do everything we need to get done. Going out meeting new vendors and clients than having to prove your worth, it took awhile to get established.
These days I feel, the more establish you are in the business the more work it is to keep up with daily tasks, work flow, social media, etc. I’ve never worked as much as I do now, owning your business is a lot of work, trying to balance work and life, and when you work from home you keep going and don’t when to stop. A lot of days, I’m working until 11:00 pm answering emails that I can’t get to during the day.

What are you most proud of?
That I never settle for mediocrity regardless of a client’s budget. I love to challenge myself by working at a new venue or with a new vendor. I Love to transform and build a vision from the ground up and craft something amazing that clients didn’t think is possible. It’s more stressful to work at a venue that’s not used to a big transformation, but it’s more fun to try something different all the time. I love designing a project that takes a year to collaborate and think of the logistics, get permits, multiple site inspections, etc. this is where you know the sky’s the limit

I’m also proud that I’m able to think beyond the existing structure to make the impossible possible for the clients. It’s fun to dream for my clients and create an event for them that is better than what they’ve imagined. I’m always excited for the challenge when a client books a venue that I want because they want me to design something that hasn’t been done before, it is such an amazing complement.

How would you like to be remembered?
I want to be remembered for crafting and creating signature events, exquisite moments frozen in time never to be forgotten. All my events have an air of elegance and European sophistication, I would like to be remembered as someone that can envision and transform any space or event, no matter how casual the theme and take it to the next level for the clients.


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Pretty in Pink Wedding at The Heard Craig Museum

March 2017 wedding at Katie’s garden at The Heard Craig Museum in historic McKinney, Texas; A Pink Theme.

The original plan of the bride was to have all the bouquets designed with fresh pink peonies in her wedding but they are not available in March in Texas so we compromised and used garden roses whick cost the same and are alomost identical in appearance.

The bride wore her mothers’ wedding gown, that had been reworked for the best fit. The brides maids wore soft pink chiffon dresses.

I added in images from other weddings to complete this Pink theme story board.
I hope you enjoy. Always check the season for fresh flowers. An easy way to do that is through the flowers link on

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The Hottest New Wedding Trends for 2017

The Hottest New Wedding Trends for 2017
The new year brings new ideas for all things wedding, from invitations to flowers, cocktails to cake…and more!
By: Debra Witt for Bridal Guide
The Look

Timeless chic coupled with the all-important wow factor: Here’s how it’s going to play out in 2017.

Vintage glamour (with a twist). Picture an industrial warehouse decked out with ornate, over-the-top centerpieces and set aglow with strands of twinkling lights and candles. You get the picture: a whimsical mash-up of old and new.

For the love of pink. Blush rose, to be exact, remains the “it” wedding color. Rhiannon Bosse, owner of Hey Gorgeous Events in Michigan, has dubbed blush a “now and forever” shade, because it’s both trending and timeless.

Encore metallics. Brides continue to embrace copper, rose gold, and pewter because they’re so versatile, says Sara Fried, of Fete Nashville. Not only do they work with other colors for a look that’s at once relaxed and fun, they are ideal tones for a black-tie evening. Pro tip: “Use shine strategically,” says Sarah Chancey, founder of Chancey Charm Weddings, in Atlanta and 11 other cities. “Metallic linens on every table is too much: better to save the shine for the head and display tables.”

Neutral territory. From charcoal to blue-greys, or grey-browns, “This color palette is perfect for the bride who wants to achieve a classic, sophisticated feel that won’t seem dated or look too trendy in years to come,” says Michelle Cousins, the planning guru behind Michelle Leo Events in Utah.

Surprise settings. Today’s couples want a wedding that will blow their guests away, and one of the key elements to an unforgettable event is the choice of venue. “Any place with a large plot of land or a distinct building — or both — will allow couples to really personalize their wedding and help them tell their unique story,” says Amy Cagginello, founder of Amy Champagne Events in Connecticut.

Make it work! If it’s not practical to book a unique wedding venue, Bianca Hall of Chicago’s Estera Events says lofts and tents will give couples more room to get creative. “Or book a rooftop space with a jaw-droppingly fantastic view!”

The Flowers
These pretty petals are more than simply lovely to look at — they’re memory makers.

Swoon-worthy blooms. Peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, dahlias and other “soft-petal” blooms are the top-requested flowers from coast to coast — and for good reason. “They epitomize romance,” says Zoe Gallina, creative director of Botanica international Floral Design in Florida. Peonies, in particular are in high demand, with one planner noting that some brides will time their weddings to take place when peonies are in peak season. Loose rose petals, used as a “garland” or runner atop tables or scattered among floating candles, are another trend that’s coming on strong.

Flights of fancy. Tall glass trumpet vases are making a comeback. “they allow for large, lush arrangements,” says Cousins, “but they sit above guests’ heads, so it’s easy for conversation.” similarly, Bosse is seeing a renaissance of linear, more tailored centerpieces, as opposed to the loose, “fresh-picked” style that’s been popular in recent years. “these structured arrangements fall in line with the trend toward a more classic wedding look overall,” she says.

Sophisticated whimsy. At the other end of the trend spectrum, gallina says flowering plants like king- and pink-ice protea, along with assorted bold tropical blooms and small potted plants, lend a dose of stateliness for brides who want arrangements that feel natural and organic — yet elegant.

Mix it up. Few brides want their tables to look “too perfectly organized,” says Amy Marella, owner of the hidden garden Floral Design in Los Angeles. “they want a more eclectic feel,” she says. Create the look by using a mix of containers and featuring two or three different centerpiece designs.

Still going strong! Hanging floral centerpieces aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, says Rhiannon Bosse. “Instant wow! What’s not to love?”

For full article:

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Wedding Trends and Flower Walls

Ok this may be a journey but lets pack up and go. I was looking at 2016 wedding trends and it really varies depending on who’s opinion your reading. My all time favorite were on www.theknot.com and www.purewow.com

Pure wow had the top 10 Wedding Trends for 2016 (to see pictures, go to their blog)
1. Statement blooms that are not succulents


2. Cascade bouquets are coming back to fashion


3. Wild flower bouquets
4. Garland centerpieces

5. Cheeky Vessels
6. Floral Walls
7. Jewel Tones
8. Coral
9. Sprig Accents
10. Subtle Uses Of Baby’s Breath

I agree with some of these but #6 really resonated with me becasue Flower Walls have become a big statement for wedding ceremonies and all types of receptions.

You can use it for the ceremony and then flip the room and use it as a back ground for your head table or cake table. I have pulled a few images from the world wide web, some extravagant, some simple. I hope they give you inspiration for a future event. Thanks for reading.









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Pinterest And Google

It used to be that if you wanted to find something on the world wide web, you probably did a search on


or any of the many search engines available.

You might be searching for a great recipe or fun decorating ideas,



what ever you are looking for could be easily found on the internet.

Now Pinterest has made it much more visually rewarding. A great many people
simply search Pinterest for ideas on what to make for dinner or how to decorate a space.


According to Wickipedia
Visual thinking, also called visual/spatial learning or picture thinking is the phenomenon of thinking through visual processing.

Visual thinking has been described as seeing words as a series of pictures. It is common in approximately 60%–65% of the general population.


“Real picture thinkers”, those persons who use visual thinking almost to the exclusion of other kinds of thinking, make up a smaller percentage of the population. Research by child development theorist Linda Kreger Silverman suggests that less than 30% of the population strongly uses visual/spatial thinking, another 45% uses both visual/spatial thinking and thinking in the form of words, and 25% thinks exclusively in words. According to Kreger Silverman, of the 30% of the general population who use visual/spatial thinking, only a small percentage would use this style over and above all other forms of thinking, and can be said to be true “picture thinkers”.

So this should come as no surprise that when a bride is planning a wedding, she is most likely going to use both search platforms for finding images and information on how to design, plan and create her perfect wedding.

YWC Flower

www.yourweddingcolors.net utilizes Pinterest to do exactly that. The flower section of the web site links directly to
the pinterest boards to give complete up to date information on popular wedding flowers. The Advise Board provides lots of helpful information and tips. The Flower Boards give you solid information on available colors and seasonal availability. You will find weddings by color as well as Wedding Cakes and an Inspiration Board that provides some fun ideas you can use for your wedding.

Lair Wedding Castlehills Golf Club

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Why Wedding Planners and Bride’s Love This Web Site

Wedding Planners and Bride’s love this site because it is a fantastic tool that helps plan the flowers and colors of a wedding.
YWC Flower

When this site was just a an idea, there was no such thing as personal web sites. It was originally going to be a book and a cd. Then magic happened with technology and having a web site was a must have.

We launched the same day as Pinterest, yes I know what your thinking, great minds think alike, thanks. Pinterest is very important to YWC. It allows us to have a complete library of popular wedding flowers in alphabetical order. Not only that but you can click on any flower board and see all the colors it comes in. I give you tips on the use of each flower, how long they last and what they are best used in.

Hydrangea Colors

Then if you want to see what color bouquet looks like with a specific dress color, you can do that under Build Your Wedding Party. Build Your Wedding Party lets you virtually try on different colors and styles of bouquets with different colors and styles of wedding gowns and bride’s maid dresses.


It really is a fun site with lots of great information that makes choosing the colors of your wedding fun and easy.

www.yourweddingcolors.net check it out! Have fun, tell your friends.


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I love the colors of Berry and Green

I love the warmth of berry and greens. They are generally rich, warm and organic feeling and will transcend several seasons.


In choosing your colors for your flowers, you can choose to match your flowers to your dresses, or contact them. There is no right or wrong here, it is a personal style choice. Matching the flowers to the dresses is more subtle, warm, soft, elegant. Contrasting the colors creates a bolder, sassy, playful look. Both are beautiful, it depends on the tone you want to set for your wedding.


Find more tips like this on the Advise Board of our Pinterest page. Go to our web site www.yourweddingcolors.net and click on the Flowers button.


Happy Planning.

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Choosing Your Wedding Colors, just became easy!

I always love to hear marriage proposal stories. I love hearing how a guy closed a major highway so he could propose marriage to his girlfriend, and there was the guy who rented a billboard on a major highway with a public marriage proposal on it so his future fiancé would see it on her way to work, or the boyfriend who proposed during dessert at a popular Dallas restaurant and involved all the diners and restaurant staff in his plan. These acts are wonderful, inspiring and romantic. Yet most of these couples do not have a clue as to what comes next: color counseling for wedding planning.

Color counseling for weddings should not be confused with wedding counseling. Color counseling involves visually walking someone through the process of making color selections for their wedding. The process can be difficult and challenging because many people do not have the ability to visualize color combinations.

I have been a wedding and event designer since the 1990’s and I have been color counseling bride’s throughout that time. Let me give you a few scenarios.

My client Michelle loved black as a dress color and she wanted to have her bridesmaids wear black dresses. The problem arose when her mother did not agree. Michelle’s mother thought black was morbid and should only be worn at funerals. Michelle compromised her color choice and chose a different color for her bridesmaids to wear. I did not have a way of showing Michelle’s mom what black bridesmaid dresses would look like. If I had had better tools at the time, I might have been able to show Michelle’s mom how beautiful black bridesmaids dresses can look for a wedding.

Stacey’s favorite color was medium blue but she wanted to get married in the fall and was concerned how medium blue would look with fall color flowers. Stacey, like many other people, have a hard time visualizing what certain dress colors look like with various flower colors, so she decided to have her bridesmaids wear chocolate because it was a color she could envision with fall flower colors.

Chandra and Mike wanted a winter wonderland wedding but they were having a hard time coming up with flowers that looked wintery and with selecting flowers that would be available in winter.

In the past I would use a combination of colored pencils, sketches and cut out magazine images to help clients visualize what red flowers would like with blue dresses or what black dresses look like with bright jewel toned floral. It was a time consuming process that did not always solve the problem.

Well I discovered this Free web site that simplifies the whole process.
www.yourweddingcolors.net is a user friendly web site that allows the user to place different colors of wedding bouquets in front of different color wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses. No more cut and paste or hand coloring needed. You can see what a fall color floral bouquet looks like with a chocolate dress or chocolate flowers with a blue dress. You can compare a jewel toned bouquet against a long black dress or a even a short black dress.

It is easy and fun to use. No more guess work. There is also an image library where you can see what flowers are available by season and what colors certain flowers are naturally available in. It is the best tool on the market to help with color selection and again, it is Free and it is pretty.

Oh, and you should be aware that their site asks you to register to save and print your image but once you register you can play with bouquet colors and dress styles as often as you want. It has definitely made my job easier. Have fun and pass it on to your friends and family.

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